Writing a stake holder analysis in project

Adding influence to the Stakeholder Analysis Adding influence lines to the Power and Interest matrix lends a subtlety and depth to your analysis by revealing the importance of stakeholders within each box in the matrix. The Executive Management — Their interests are identifiable with the interest of the shareholders.

Stakeholder Analysis Mind map template This image is a screenshot of the Stakeholder Analysis Mind map template included with the. Download this Example Stakeholder Analysis. The first four branches organise stakeholders into the impact and influence groupings, and stakeholders are then mapped by adding branches to each group.

stakeholder analysis example report

In addition, their cooperation and ability to work with a team is regarded as crucial in carrying out the tasks according to the expectations of the key stakeholders. Fill in the stakeholder table: This step of the process involves preparing a "stakeholder table" or arranging the answers of the interview and other the secondary information collected into a concise and standardized format.

For example, show advocates and supporters in green, blockers and critics in red, and those who are neutral in orange. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Receive new career skills every week, plus get our latest offers and a free downloadable Personal Development Plan workbook.

Using the information: The final step in stakehodler analysis is to put the information to good use.

Which stakeholders might form alliances? Example Stakeholder Analysis for a Software Project Influence lines between stakeholders If we now consider how the stakeholders can influence each other we find useful intelligence that can help drive the stakeholder engagement strategy.

Whereas the latter stand to lose only the monetary value of their investments, members of the executive management can lose their jobs, their reputation, their lifestyle, and their social standing aside from the loss of a lucrative source of potential income.

Presentations should also include options, their comparative values and a justification as to why the plan being presented is the best choice as far as their interests are concerned. A thoughtful stakeholder analysis will prime you for the advocacy you need or prepare you for the opposition you anticipate.

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Example of How to Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis