Writing a postcard ks2 powerpoint

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Download My Family and Other Pests Harrold's two exercises and poem structure to create your own Christmas Tree poem and think about friendship at this festive time. At a glance: Shakespeare, Henry V, representation, voice. Download Picture this John Glenday discusses how using images — prints, portraits, photographs, even objects — can be a wonderfully effective source of inspiration for writing poems.

Download Writing a Christmas Tree Poem Liz Lochhead inspires pupils to write a Christmas Tree poem, hanging the tree with real or imagined decorations which engage the senses.

You can use A. Yeats best-loved poems, focussing on his use of sound and rhythm.

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At a glance: imagination, haiku and tankas, cinquains, kennings. This activity helps students think about the structure and order of a poem, and the different information that can be revealed by mixing it up.

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Postcard Writing Tips