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Here's a tip - talk about what your child writes. For example, two 5th grade students learning about the Civil War could work as a team and read about the lives of soldiers from the North and the South. In Maths we started looking at adding a 1 digit number to a 3 or 4 digit number.

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For example, students could write from the perspective of a personified character, such as an animal or other nonhuman, to personify, research, and learn more about the personified character, and they could write a fictionalized version of a diary.

First, Billy planted the apple pips. The aim is to create interesting sentences of three, using commas and alliterative adjectives: I opened the magical door and saw a diabolical dragon, an elegant elf and a greedy goblin.

They could discuss similarities and differences and each write a journal from the perspective of one of the soldiers, either a Yankee or a Rebel.

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British Red Cross came in to lead a workshop for Year 6 on 'what it means to be a Refugee', they learnt how we can support children who may come to our school as a refugee and the children had a chance to discuss and understand the difficulties facing many children and adults who are forced to leave their home. It was interesting to see that some of us even shared surnames with some of them!! Students could do the same in groups, each writing a journal from the perspective of one person in a mutual context. Students employ a wide range of strategies as they write and use different writing process elements appropriately to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes. We have tried to include a range of prepositions in our work. Miss Smith was very pleased with the emotion shown in our letters. As the teacher moves round in role as Billy, pupils say aloud what object they are and describe themselves. Firework Poems Tamar have enjoyed a week of poetry to celebrate Bonfire Night. Thinking of interesting words and discussing new ones can help increase the words your child uses when they write — look words up in the dictionary or on the Internet to find out more about what they mean. In Maths we have revisited Roman Numerals which some of us still find a little bit tricky, especially when the numbers have a 4 or 9 within them. On top of it was a silver plate, complete with a pile of ruby raspberries that had sugar sprinkled on top like snow. Recommended children's books. We have had lots of practise with this now and even managed to answer the difficult word problems Miss French left for us on Thursday! Talk about your child's writing Talk about ideas and information they are going to write about.

On top of it was a silver plate, complete with a pile of ruby raspberries that had sugar sprinkled on top like snow. We used recipes to help us understand the process, thinking about how much of each ingredient we would need for a different number of guests.

Tamar have read lots of different biographies about famous scientists to identify the different features of a biographical text.

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We cannot wait to publish these! Students could form pairs and personify, pick, or create characters that would have very different points of view. Continue modeling with the class journal and have students take the pen and add to the entries using interactive writing until students are ready to begin their own journals.

In Maths, we have been adding 10 and multiples of 10 to 3 and 4 digit numbers.

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