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How to Enable Comments Many of the themes available through Tumblr include the ability to add comments through Disqus.

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It features responsive layout, latest Tweets, social media profile links and Disqus comment integration. It comes with a lot of customization options, support for Google analytics, Google fonts, integration with Disqus comments and infinite scrolling option as well.

Alternatively, search for topics and blogs that interest you.

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I love it. The rest of the account settings are pretty straightforward. The theme is retina ready, fully responsive and can be easily customized to suit your needs. In addition, the font on the Noir theme looks like a typewriter, which is a great throw-back to the good old days while still being a Tumblr theme!

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Editorial Editorial is a minimal Tumblr theme focused on readable content. Tumblr is a must for any author looking to build a following of readers. The theme sports lots of whitespace in its layout, is fully responsive and supports Google web fonts and Disqus comments. This layout may not be ideal for long written posts though as the font is white and the background is a light wood color which could make paragraphs of text tough to read. My only suggestion for improvement is that the font color is a bit light. Alternatively, you can simply change the color background to set a tone for your tumblr site. The minimal Tumblr themes listed above support all post types like text, images, videos and quotes.

Premium Minimal Tumblr Themes Below you will find some popular premium Tumblr themes from ThemeForest with clean layout and good typography.

This theme features a grey background, a clean all caps font for headers and what looks like Courrier New font for body text.

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Links: The world is your oyster when it comes to posting links. Features include responsive footer 2 or 3 widgetsTwitter feed widget, Blogs I Follow widget, social media icons and Disqus comments integration.

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15 Minimal Tumblr Themes for Writers