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Although the men without title embracing the religion says little in favor of it especially since Igbo society has a high degree of social mobilityNneka's defection to the new faith is telling.

Before he leaves, his uncle warns against the splitting of the clan.

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He wonders why the men of Umuofia do not rally and fight; they are a proud and strong people. However, as the group of converts grows in size and strength, confrontations between the Christians and villagers start to occur.

Similarly, men without titles turn to Christianity to find affirmation of their individual worth. The people of the village believe that eventually the Christians will weaken and die, especially since they live in the dreaded forest, where they even rescue twins abandoned in the woods.

Both matters become his mistake rather than the result of divine will. External Link. In Mbanta, these stories still seem like myth, however, since Mr.

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Churches arrive first, and soon after the targeted village is forced to bow under white authority. Chapter 19 Seven years have passed since the exile and Okonkwo can return to his tribe. Brown, the pacific leader of the converters and Akunna, a leader of the clan often meet and discuss religious issues in public.

Initially, that includes not drawing water from the spring; the first day, the Christians are threatened by violence.

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Things Fall Apart Chapter Eighteen Summary