Write a quadratic inequality for each graph

If it's less than negative 5, it's definitely going to be less than 2. Try x equals 5. Once again, this is the x-axis, and this is the f of x-axis. Or it could be less than negative 5, not less than or equal to, so I'm going to put an open circle here. Well, we know that they have to have the same sign.

Well, any x that's greater than two is going to be greater than negative 5.

write a quadratic inequality for each graph

What about this statement right over here? In other words, the solution of a quadratic equation holds the same meaning that you are accustomed to. Quadratic inequalities Video transcript Let's say that we want to solve the inequality x squared plus 3x is greater than Well, f of 0 is equal to -- we could do it right here -- f of 0 is 0 plus 7 times 0 minus 4 is just 7 times minus 4, which is minus They're either both positive-- a positive times a positive is going to be a positive-- or they're both going to be negative-- a negative times a negative is a positive.

how to solve quadratic inequalities step by step

The new twist is that instead of just two or fewer points. Or you could have, say, a positive 3 would work. Their product is negative 10, their sum is positive 3.

graphing quadratic inequalities worksheet
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Quadratic inequalities: graphical approach (video)