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Jackson believed the backbone of the American economy was small family farms—to maintain strong growth as the population increased, new farmland needed to be opened up. The election of was a rematch of the election of between John Quincy Adams and Jackson.

The defense team decided against placing him on the witness stand, fearing his remarks were too provocative. Elizabeth negotiated for their freedom, but Robert would die of the disease on April 27, Speculation in western lands caused Jackson to issue the Specie Circular, which required all public lands to be paid for with legal tender, which at the time was either gold or silver.

8th president

It was far removed even from contemporary legal programs in England or in the American Northeast, where John Quincy Adams was commencing his higher education at Harvard College.

But if they have other power to regulate the currency, it was conferred to be exercised by themselves, and not to be transferred to a corporation.

Although he retired from public life, he remained politically influential. This ended his career in the legal profession. Clay and Jackson then put the issue of who or what was the greater danger to individual liberty, to the people. He never so much as raised a field of cotton which he did not have done in the best manner known to him.

Jackson's father died in a logging accident while clearing land [8] in February at the age of 29, three weeks before his son Andrew was born.

It was Jackson who coined the phrase "To the victor go the spoils," and thus the spoils system of politics was born. Bean would retain his freedom.

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Andrew Jackson: Life in Brief