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Human suffering was widespread, and it affected all aspects of the economy.

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At one point nearly half of American home mortgages were in default. People who support Leuchtenberg do realize that the New Deal had its shortcomings and it had not brought the country back to full employment nor really restored prosperity.

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Never before had so much change in legislation and policy emanated from the federal government, which, in the process, became the center of American political authority. No doubt, despite all that the New Deal had accomplished, the New Deal experienced some failure with its success and there were still obstacles facing Roosevelt.

The new deal was issued because of the great depression and the new deal was a way to get out of the great depression.

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Unemployment ran rapid through the country whereas millions of Americans were out of work and money. Many achievements were made by the New Deal for America; not only bringing the United States out of the depression, but bringing positive changes for racial equality and opening doors for farmers and blue-collar workers as well. Morrison, Samuel, E. But as he neared the end of his term, the American economy was in its worst state yet, and many fearful citizens wanted a leader who would do more to alleviate the crisis. Because of the situation Roosevelt found himself in he attempted to increase the size of the Supreme Court with his court packing scandal which was his attempt, which proved unsuccessful, to increase the number of justices and appoint his own justices that supported the New Deal. And some others felt that Roosevelt was taking the nation down the road to socialism or even communism with his works programs and with the Social Security Act. People who support Leuchtenberg do realize that the New Deal had its shortcomings and it had not brought the country back to full employment nor really restored prosperity. President Franklin Roosevelt proposed the New Deal to detoxify the nation of its suffering. The New Deal measures included almost every aspect of the society: relief programs for the unemployed, the expanded regulation of agriculture, industry, finance, the establishment of a legal minimum wage, creation of Social Security, unemployment insurance, and income supplements for dependent children in single-parent families, the aged poor, the physically handicapped, and the blind. The New Deal is generally considered to have consisted of two phases. Because of this, what economic recovery we were experiencing fell through. From the collapse of Wall Street in October to the presidential election in November , to many Americans it appeared as if Hoover, the Republican president, was either doing nothing or too little.

This is why when election came and Franklin D. Banks failed and savings accounts were wiped out. Reform was permanent programs to avoid another depression and insure citizens against economic disasters, which was based on the assumption that the depression was caused by the inherent instability of the market and that government intervention was necessary to rationalize and stabilize the economy, and to balance the interests of farmers, business and labor.

In his inaugural speech he said, "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people".

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They argue that although the New Deal did not end the depression, all in all it helped to prevent the economy from decaying further by increasing the regulatory functions of the federal government in ways that helped stabilize previous trouble areas of the economy: the stock market, the banking system, and others.

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Successes and Failures of Roosevelt's New Deal Essay Example