Unit 5 alternate forensics

Forensic Light Sources Products. Questions about the reference cards? The difference is visibly apparent and the advantage is clearly evident in the ability to look at fainter evidence with our units.

crime scene spot the difference printable

All SPEX Forensics alternate and forensic light sources have been designed and engineered to be the most useful instruments to use and to provide superior results.

Also available Back to top Chromatography During this lesson students learn about the use of chromatography in crime investigations and use paper chromatography to test black markers. The challenge is set up as a race to see which student team can be the first to correctly identify them.

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A worksheet for this number of samples is also available. Each step of the way the designers worked with professionals in the forensics field from the federal, state, and local levels to find out what the community needed and wanted.

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The CrimeScope series are the only units on the market which truly allows the user to change wavelength and direct the light source with one hand, freeing the other hand to dust or collect evidence; True One Hand Operation.

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Forensic Light Sources by SPEX Forensics