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He took his master's favourite concubine, Wan Serang Bulan against her will and when this information reached his master's ears, he had Monas executed. Thomson to oversee the administration of Kelantan. News of this reached the authorities in Kota Bharuwho decided to send Indian troops led by British officers in a second attempt at ending the rebellion.

He also hated any oppressor and would take actions to ensure that people who oppress others were punished. On top of that, the long queues at the District Officer's headquarters meant that some of the peasants were in the queue for three consecutive days.

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The district officer of Pasir Putih , Abdul Latif escapes with his family along with all the money in the Treasury. He also hated any oppressor and would take actions to ensure that people who oppress others were punished. This unhappiness from the Indian soldiers led them to conduct a mutiny against the British authorities in Singapore. Graham and H. Early life[ edit ] Born in Kampung Sari, Jeram, Kelantan in , Tok Janggut received his early education in Mecca and was a master of silat , a Malaysian martial art. Under this section, the rebellion was carried out by Tok Janggut as part of an anti-royalty or lese-majeste action. For example, in Yahya Abdullah's book, Peperangan Tok Janggut, atau Balasan Derhaka shows an image of a handsome, well-groomed man with a white pointed beard and turban on his head. However, by allowing the romance of Tok Janggut to remain, it keeps emphasising ideals and fantasies at the expense of reality. Kelantan was brought under the control of British authorities who had made an agreement with Siam in the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of which saw the appointment of two British officers, W.

Most scholars had stayed away from examining the role that the Sultan played due to the lese-majeste law in which the Sultan and others of the royal family could not be criminally charged under the Malaysian constitution.

Nevertheless, the political context in which the rebellion took place did offer a point of argument why some historians portrayed the rebellion as an Islamic struggle.

Thus, any charge against the Sultan was brushed aside and kept away from public knowledge.

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The body was then hanged in a public field before being taken down and buried about an hour later. Romance properly concerns champions rather than heroes….

But what seems to have contributed to his eventual triumph was probably the Sultan's correct reading of the minds of his British antagonists.

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Tok Janggut : Pahlawan Kelantan by Abdul Latip Talib