The reasons why modern cars look alike

Those stylists are probably just as desperate as you are to create a great car.

The reasons why modern cars look alike

Increased vehicle insulation to reduce noise, vibration and harshness NVH further isolates the pilot from their actions and with the likely impending death of the manual gearboxthey won't even have gearchanges to screw up any more.

Xenon headlights meanwhile can be seen from Mars - if you're stopped at traffic lights, you can actually X-ray pedestrians crossing in front of you.

modern cars are rubbish

Meanwhile Ford is busy putting an Aston Martin grille on everything including the new Fiesta. Now let's get in the car and get down to brass tacks.

Why do all cars look the same reddit

No car is going to be on the road that doesn't pass its tests and standards, so even if you could technically make a car that floats on water, it's going to have to pass complex and stringent evaluations to ensure its safety. He penned the E60 below during his tenure at the Bavarian automaker. Let's first put aside all considerations of carbon dioxide and global warming. This is why so many cars now have boot profiles that resemble the back end of Kim Kardashian. To learn more about why stylists and others aren't to blame for your boring car, join Ben and Scott for this episode of CarStuff. There is little reason to believe this trend will simply dissipate. You also need to stop it, meaning heftier brakes - or just chuck stopping distances out of the window and hope you don't mow anyone down when an 80s car would have stopped twenty feet sooner. But not all cars are made alike, even within their own range. But why is weight bad? Rather than smooth, progressive inputs, these newbies stab at the pedals and wheel like it's Need for Speed and the car sorts it all out. For example, Subaru and Toyota jointly produced an almost identical looking sports coupe sharing the same powertrain. Ford's most recent Fiesta is nearly two feet longer and six inches wider than the first - with even the 2nd generation Ka bigger than the original Fiesta. Fastforward 35 years to the latest car to bear the Golf name and it's 3 inches taller, 6 inches wider and nearly two feet longer. Not one of my favourites, but one of the most influential cars and greatest hot hatchbacks of all time.

Modern manufacturers find what designs work and sell, then design the cars to fit. A handful of cars may get to avoid this like cars where visual identity is important like Juke, Prius and usually sports cars.

Engineers, in other words, aren't really making decisions about what the car looks like, or even the specifications of it.

The Honda "Insight" resembles the Toyota Prius. A few years ago it was a thrash-it hp 2.

all cars look the same these days

This isn't a new phenomenon though, Audi, Mercedes and BMW have done this even as far back as the s where their mainstream cars all looked alike. When they do eventually pass you, your retinas are ruined and you're momentarily blinded.

So just like Doug in your office, who frowns at your expense report, the accounting department of car manufacturers are fussing about that super cool design or performance feature that completely ruins their bottom line.

Modern cars are boring

Since the focus groups are always the same kind of people, the cars always end up being relatively similar to look at. Styling It's not often said that the s were a high point of vehicle styling. Spot the difference Well, you need to accelerate that weight, meaning you either go much slower or you need more power to achieve nothing more. Yeah, except in order to replace the sound of the harsh four, they've employed sound trickery in the exhaust to make it sound more growly in the cabin. Fabulous if you're driving the car, less so if you happen to be coming the other way at any time of night. When they do eventually pass you, your retinas are ruined and you're momentarily blinded. And if you look closely at the lines of the F10 below , it actually looks like a logical transition from the E39 above. Many of us can answer this question with a straightforward "yes. But eco-bollocks annoys the hell out of me. For example, Subaru and Toyota jointly produced an almost identical looking sports coupe sharing the same powertrain. Headlights let you see things and not die or kill people. Why has this happened?
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All Modern Cars Look the Same… or do they?