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Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Latin America and the Caribbean region were the most affected by falling remittances.

This assistance consists in providing start-up capital in the form of loans and technical assistance for OFWs who intend to open a business. Broadband was the next truly transformational technology, he said, adding that it could generate jobs, drive growth and productivity and underpin long-term economic competitiveness.

Almost half of the unemployed people in the world are young people. Researchers have examined the reasons people return, how reintegration takes place, the factors that facilitate reinsertion in society and labor markets, the impact of return migration on local societies, and failures in the reintegration process that orient migrants to go abroad again.

Policies toward Return Migration In many countries of origin, policies toward returning migrants were not developed or were a residual concern among policymakers. Muzhary, Fazal. New York: Springer. Direct assistance by the government is mostly needed for OFWs who return because the migration project was interrupted or who are repatriated because they were working in a country struck by a political or environmental crisis.

International migration, proponents add, has the potential of facilitating the transfer of skills and contributing to cultural enrichment.

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It may encourage the potential migrants to seek asylum to be able to reach the labor markets of the developed countries. Emergency initiatives include financial assistance upon arrival, counseling and psychological support, and information on labor market opportunities.

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