Teaching sex education in schools essay

These programs has not been shown to reduce teen sexual activity. Sex education would teach that sexuality is a natural, normal part of life. Fellow parents vote on them to insure that they make the correct decisions on what their kids are learning in school.

Should sex education be taught in elementary schools

In this way, without necessary knowledge, they can misinterpret the messages of a sexual nature presented in the media and develop incorrect ideas about their bodies. Teenage boys know more about sex than girls do. Although advocates agree that sex education should be taught, controversy exists among the group about the type of program that should be taught. Below are startling statistics on why comprehensive sex education must continue to be taught: By their 18th birthday, six in ten teenage women and more than five in ten teenage men have had sexual intercourse. Sexual education should be taught in schools because it can help many teenagers prevent life threating things that come without knowledge of the subject. These programs should assist young people in understanding a positive view of sexuality, provide them with information and skills about taking care of their sexual health and help them make decisions about solving problems now and in the future. Goldin, R. Conclusion Sex education should be taught in the schools and in the homes of youth. That you cannot get pregnant if you have sex while standing. Through sex education, students can also acquire consistent knowledge and information to assist them combat peer pressure. Sometime even as early as 4th grade. It teaches individuals about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and techniques of avoiding such diseases. Click the order button and take advantage of our benefits! Abstinence only programs are less likely to teach students about birth control and contraception and how to access it.

It also discusses the psychological impact that puberty and sex has on teens. People say sex education encourages youth to engage in sexual activities rather than preventing sex.

They are either too embarrassed about talking about the extreme topic of sex, afraid of providing to much information to push their children to act on what they have told them or shy of not knowing the answers to the questions that their children might ask.

disadvantages of sex education in school

Sex education also provides much more information to teens. All this is misconstrued information on what goes on during sex.

This is only done to the age appropriate students, and it is not so much stressed. For instance, youngsters will be more matured, responsible and social ills can also be reduced.

Some may say that if teenagers are taught about sex and sexuality that their interest in it will intensify thus, resulting in experimentation.

sex education in public schools
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Essay: Importance of Sex Education