Speech on teacher on her 25th anniversary

You are part of a school community which has nurtured all its students. Here, we see a collective effort as we tackle a particular problem in an institution in this town.

Gruener brings 40 years of teaching experience and 37 years as a school owner and director to Montessori American School.

In most countries today, the educational sector has been highly computerised, and this has improved efficiency and reduced cost. The school incorporates Montessori philosophies, such as multi-aged grouping based on periods of development.

I believe with all my heart that, God being on our side, if all of us resolve to work together, we can change within the next twelve months most of the challenges this school faces today.

Just after the Durbar on the 15th of October, the headmistress of the school was accompanied by our staff who conducted the research to explain that she had been working hard to raise a certain amount of money needed to complete the payment for the furniture.

Singapore was granted independence inand Lee Kuan Yew began the arduous task of nation building. It was a former British colonial trading post.

25th school anniversary speech

The one for the poor belongs primarily, to the rural folk and the inhabitants of smaller towns and communities like ours here at Larteh. This success story has become possible because of certain interventions by us. You might end up in developing your interest in arts or languages, sports or sciences.

Nearly 30 years later inwomen ran the first Olympic Marathon, which is about laps of the track.

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25th Anniversary Speech