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The company plans to use its existing contacts and the combined customer base of Mr. Where and Why We choose our clients in this market to ensure that we do not extend our operations beyond reasonable areas of service, primarily, to manage and moderate costs in drive time, customer follow-up servicing, quoting, and inspections.

Joe's education will allow him to do the bookwork in a more efficient and timely manner than Brett. There are very few property managers who care about quality when it comes to apartment and office complexes.

Painting company marketing plan

Other—This segment is composed of several smaller market segments Eyecatching Interiors will pursue. Each segment was chosen because of its relationship to quality and skill required. You may need a business license, insurance, and bonding. Contractors such as Schaffer Painting and Berkner Painting are some of the bigger nonunion contractors that pursue this segment. I refuse to hire a crew with poor quality. The strategy employed by most competitors is low cost provider. Eyecatching Interiors is a quality painting company and thus has its own niche which distinguishes itself from the multitude of painting companies. The Pros of Starting a Painting Business Along with being able to create a business around an activity you enjoy doing, some of the benefits you can experience when you start a painting business include: It's easy to get started, especially as a part-time business. No matter which type of painting you specialize in, you will be required to purchase equipment.

The company does wish to maintain existing clients because of the longstanding relationships and to keep the steady stream of work. This is a real specialty niche with very few actual competitors. You can target homeowners, builders, landlords or interior designers.

how to run a painting business

If you choose a location outside of the home, ensure that it meets your basic painting requirements, such as including a place to wash out your brushes, test and mix colors and is large enough to store your equipment. The plus side to this barrier is that once you get in, you have that barrier protecting you.

Services provided by a painting company

He will also work about four days a week in the field painting with Brett Taylor. I can still feel my heart jumping out of my throat after ringing my first doorbell. Eyecatching Interiors wants to maintain its quality and fears that too much growth can lead to a decline in quality. We gather market-based information on an ongoing basis and develop our pricing and cost strategies based on market norms specific to our client profile and geographic considerations. Currently the company has no existing marketing plan; in fact the company is not even listed in the phone book. The interior designer segment is a great source of work, especially work that can add prestige to the company. Due to the experience of its painters, the company can spray a house without backrolling, which is when you go over the sprayed surface with a roller to get rid of any runs. The reason being is that the company doesn't want to do work for people it doesn't know.

Most of the work is acquired by word of mouth; nothing can replace having a satisfied customer tell a friend. Builders are often willing to pay more for a paint job if they know it will help sell the home faster. Its long-term profitability will rely on focusing on commercial contracts that will be obtained through strategic alliances and a comprehensive marketing program.

Institute a program of profit sharing among all employees.

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Painting Company Business Plan