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Thus, having a sports day in school is the event that everybody looks forward to. All the teachers took part in it.

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Respective Houses will be given different colours, in order to identify easily. The winners were given medals and cups. The P. There is a great importance of games and sports for the students. You can also deliver a short speech on importance of sports in your morning assembly. It was a pleasure to see children perform with great energy and enthusiasm. The Senior P. All the spectators were seated on chairs beside the ground. We got printed copies of the programme. Any celebration conducted in our school will flare the whole area in excitement. I partcipated in Throw Ball and Volley Ball. The school sports provide students lots of diversions. He also congratulated the prize winners and gave a brief speech. During this time, there are many competitions for students as well as the teachers. We returned home happily.

Sports day is celebrated to remind everyone that Sports is important for developing a healthy mind and body. The 10th January was our sports day this year.

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After the march past the chief guest declared open the sports meet. The students who have given names for participating in different games are lined up.

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The students' representatives are its members. Some students sand patriotic songs while other recited poems. Playing sports develop leadership qualities as well as team spirit and unity among the team mates which is good for nation building. You can choose any of the articles. The Senior P. And game for team includes Volleyball, Kabbadi, Football, etc. This year our annual sports day was celebrated on the 10th of January. We have four different houses. The participating students were divided according to age. Various events such as races, short-put, discus throw, gymnastics, pyramids, long and high jumps, etc happened one after another. Our sports' teacher conducted all the events with the help of few other teachers. It develops a mental as well as physical fitness in an individual and makes him more alert, focus and attentive. So sport is a healthy outlet for the excess of such energy. Many cyclists took part in it.

Respective Houses will be given different colours, in order to identify easily. The three kilometers cycle race was worth seeing. The objective of the annual sports day is to bring out the talents and sportsman spirit of all the students.

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Now they certainly need some diversion in their serious routine-work. Following this, the crowd will be cleared orderly.

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10 Lines on Sports in English for Children and Students