Secret sorrow

The theme is about learning to accept your past, so you can move forward in life and in your relationships. I continued writing romances and loved the creativity of it, although it was, and is, never easy.

She loved her husband but at time she felt like she was not part of the family. The child was the one who brought her to this stage of sadness, to the point where she began to show aggressiveness in her and the people around her.

Faye with her legs shaking, shortness of breathing and all these things on her head just ran away. Love appears to be a vital aspect in the stories since it helps deal with the sorrows the women experience.

Unlike the first story, this is about a married couple who already have a child. She wanted the baby to feel alone, to not have anyone care for him or to show love towards him. You don't have to marry me.

a sorrowful woman summary

She pretty much isolated herself from her family and everyone. The reason she killed herself was because of the lonesomeness and worthlessness she felt living her life for herself.

Another aspect of similarity in both stories would be the fact that the sorrow experienced by both women is connected to love.

how did you respond to the excerpt from a secret sorrow and to a sorrowful woman

Faye and Kai's relationship is one of those relationships that can never be broken.

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A Secret Sorrow by Karen van der Zee