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A data entry worker could develop carpal tunnel syndrome while in your employ. Policies may cover entrance to a facility, such as the use of ID cards and the procedures for signing in a guest. The length of the policy may vary depending on the issue it addresses.

It provides details on eligibility and accrual, as well as the procedures for requesting approval to use time off accrued under the policy. Payroll procedures Sample Credit Card Usage Policy If you issue company credit cards to employees, it is imperative to have them sign off on a policy that outlines usage guidelines.

Healthcare Safety : Review the actual safety policies used by Johns Hopkins Medicine to get a sense of what needs to be included in a healthcare organization's documentation. External Recruiting Policy : The procedure for hiring external candidates isn't the same as dealing with internal promotions.

Sample attendance policy Sample Payroll Procedures The purpose of this type of policy is to define the company's pay period, specify pay dates and provide details about payroll taxes and how employees are required to report their time.

If that is something your organization is interested in, consider reviewing this policy used by a university in California.

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A written policy gives managers and supervisors clear directions on handling specific work situations. Anti-bullying policies focus on repeated hostile behaviors, identify reporting mechanisms and describe the consequences for employees who engage in persistent bullying behavior. For example, does it only apply to employees of the company or to contractors and sub-contractors engaged to perform work on business premises? When managers follow the written policy, you can avoid having one manager fire a tardy employee and another manager only warn the tardy employee, which could create an unfair or discriminatory environment. Staff involvement also helps to determine how and when the policies might apply, and can assist in identifying possible unintentional outcomes of the policy. That means if one of your workers conducts illegal activities on one of your systems, you may be answerable for it. These policies discourage inappropriate behavior from employees, supervisors and independent contractors in regard to the race, gender, sexual orientation or religious and cultural beliefs of another person within the organization. Example 1: Occupational health and safety No employee is to commence work, or return to work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Technology Equipment Policies A well-written policy describes the specific rules to follow and who needs to follow them. Company policies and procedures are in place to protect the rights of workers as well as the business interests of employers.
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Sample Human Resources Policies and Procedures for Employee Management