Paper 2 bahasa inggeris tingkatan 4

Paper 2 bahasa inggeris tingkatan 4

The more confident you are about yourself, the better the resume you will write. Aktiviti kumpulan — berbincang tentang praktikkan bersama-sama. Complete the personal profile Objectives of the lesson: At the end of the lesson the students should be able to 1. Rather, it should point to your achievements, your leadership qualities and how you can perform beyond expectations. It carries a total of 15 marks. And if you lack work background, you can still apply this packaging ploy to describe your school life and how it relates to the position you are applying for. Explain the meaning of adjectives and how to use adjectives that show qualities 23 2. Aktiviti kumpulan — berbincang tentang amanah seseorang pekerja. Pick out the main ideas in the paragraphs you have to summarise about. Language for information 1.

Well, Anna, I hope this has helped toerclear things up a little. As for proper nouns, you count them as one word. Give a reason for your answer. Students present their work in front of the class, followed by a class discussion.

Talk about the concerns of a teenager, about self, family and friends, teenagers, past events, feelings, personal experiences. Be honest when you write down the number of words used.

marks for english paper 2

She always got my age wrong. Moral values: politeness 24 Language contents: subject verb agreement Resources: textbook Reflection: Students can write requests using WH-words. I hope this has sorted things out between us.

English paper 2

Pendekatan : Pemupukan Nilai Teknik : i. Describe an activity — pottery making Moral values : polite, truth Language contents : Subject verb agreement ,Sequence connection Active sentence AVA: Flyer and textbook Reflection: students follow guided composition — can do the ex. Spell it right 3. Oral questions and answers Conclusion : written exercises Moral values : bravery Language contents: simple present tense for habitual Resources : textbook Reflection: students can read and understand the text, and can answer all the questions given. Set induction - teacher asks students to share their opinion regarding their life as teenagers, by writing letters to their parents. What is the first step in writing a resume? Armstrong was here a few times. Listening to spoken texts such as talks, speeches, Texts from multimedia sources Objectives of the lesson: At the end of the lesson the students should be able to 1. Read and understand exercises on brochures of job descriptions. Do 10 comprehension questions based on an article.

I took the top off the first thing I found and threw everything that was in the bottle all over the front of Sabinas dress. Then search for secondary ideas. Discussion of the meaning. Minggu 16 — 17 1. It should give details about, for instance, you won first prize in a school debate, then highlight that as an example of your leadership skills.

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