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Before Negotiations Start Most negotiations are won or lost before they begin as a result of the amount of effort and time spent in preparation for them. Do not hesitate to ask that items be added or that the sequence be changed. Both parties should be presented with a draft of the memorandum of understanding to ensure that it accurately reflects what was agreed to.

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Have I practiced communicating my message to the other side? Usually, you should match both the number and qualifications of your team to those of the other side. Do not negotiate against yourself. Psychologically, it is too easy for one side to back off its position when a lower level has previously been established as being acceptable.

Similarly, try to find out as much as you can about the lead negotiator, preferably by talking to others who have had dealings with that person but also through the Internet. Try to control the paper.

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First, they understand that the key to achieving a successful outcome is in making every effort to know more than the other side about what is being negotiated.

Having determined these factors, now the real work begins. The Agreement In formal negotiations, both sides should make notes on what was agreed on each point as you progress in covering all of the material issues and concerns.

Unfortunately, ego and macho instincts often become an obstacle to what I call the wise approach to negotiations.

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