My alignment with the values of the bank

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culture and values of an organisation

If they hire someone that tends to be 10 minutes late to meetings and 2 days late with projects it will drive everybody crazy. And, while technical conflicts or conflicts about how to solve a problem can be discussed, a conflict in values often is not fixable.

So how do you do this? I recommend embodying your core values the same way I would recommend youprepare for a very important presentation: Once you have the presentation deck done, the speaker notes inserted, and you start practicing, you will realize that the more you practice, the more you embody the content and overall spirit.

Your values should be showcased through actions. They inform and guide the way our team members interact with everyone, including clients, vendors and each other.

importance of aligning decisions with business objectives values and policies

Knowing your values allows you to hire the right people, which allows for more efficiency within the business.

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