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He then moved to Amicon inwhere he managed research and development, and developed new products for life-science applications. Hassanein was in attendance at the competition final, and took time to meet all the competitors, offering advice, and later announcing he would be investing in some startups as well.

His clients ranged from telecommunications to chemicals companies. Since , Chesonis has been chairman of the board and CEO of Sweetwater Energy, which develops technology to break down nonfood biomass into low-cost sugar and lignin to produce biochemicals, bioplastics, and biofuels. But future opportunities for young Arab entrepreneurs would be better in the Middle East, he said. Perry started his career as an engineer at MemTek in Being a tech startup based in Palestine has meant overcoming a number of logistical issues, explained Emad Ammouri, general manager for Ibtaker , which builds educational kits for Arab students. She is the chair of the board of Xerox Corporation, having served in the position since Hassanein added that there needed to be a bridge between Silicon Valley and the Middle East. For those with a dream to make it to Silicon Valley, he suggested it be a place to learn, rather than to settle. Continuing tumult in the region post-Arab Spring has had an undeniable effect on the plans and efforts of young entrepreneurs. The others nodded with knowing approval. Life members serve without a specific term until they turn 75 years old, while term members serve for five years. Among them was Manar Moursi, the principal behind Studio Meem , which repurposes ordinary Egyptian objects into eco-friendly furniture. Chesonis has a long history of entrepreneurship, especially in the clean technology sector, and has previously won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Challenging the status quo is just one aspect of pursuing their goals. His family office fund, Cranberry Capital, has invested in 15 young technology companies since inception, primarily focusing on sustainability and life sciences.

Chammas and Co. A better situation, they said, would be if new leadership emanated from the region instead. Challenging the status quo is just one aspect of pursuing their goals.

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Burns joined Xerox as an intern inand has held leadership posts spanning corporate services, manufacturing, and product development. As of July 1, the Corporation will consist of 76 distinguished leaders in education, science, engineering, and industry; of those, 25 are life members and eight are ex officio.

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Prior to his career in venture capital, Gorenberg served as a software executive, entrepreneur, and a member of the initial SparcStation team at Sun Microsystems.

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Arab Startup Competition