Letters from a skeptic

It's like saying that I must be invisible because the atoms that make me up are. To an atheist, Christianity isn't unique or special, it's just another claim, and the proper position without sufficient supporting evidence is rejection.

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Buy it, read it, and then give it away to somebody who has questions about the Christian faith. And the end of it really just ends up as wishful thinking - since Greg doesn't like the implications that come to mind for a God-free universe, there has to be a God.

Since "Skeptic" is in the I first read this book in the 90s when I was a fresh atheist and someone gave it to me. If anything was wrong with him, the world knew it.

For the last 10 years of his life, his greatest joy was hearing stories of how God was using the letters between him and Greg to impact the lives of others. Of course, none of these details matter to a skeptic who hasn't first seen evidence that God exists. Greg sure seems to know God's mind.

That's bad logic, not evidence. While I am not bent towards open theism, Boyd's views in this book do not impede the healthy dialogue between Boyd and his father. Still no reason to believe it.

Let's get some epistemology on!!! This book is worth reading.

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Letters from a Skeptic: Dr. Gregory A. Boyd, Edward K. Boyd: