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Connecting the peninsula by rail would allow goods to be shipped all the way from Busan to Rotterdam unimpeded. Failure to do so could lead to a calamitous war that would kill millions. By Charlie Campbell April 26, Despite several years of escalating missile and nuclear tests, the outlook for peace on the Korean peninsular is rosier now than anytime since North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un took power in Ideally, Korean reunification will proceed differently.

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Given its position in Japan, the U. What sort of things do you want to do to reform the markets and integrate them into the broader economy? The North and the South agreed to promote the balanced development of the national economy through economic cooperation and build mutual confidence by activating cooperation and exchange in all fields, social, cultural, sports, public health, environmental and so on.

The North Korean threat is a large reason why the U. Ultimately, however, reunification will need to focus on the same kind of slow-motion economic engagement that characterized the Kim Dae Jung and Roh Moo-Hyun years.

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In the South, meanwhile, public interest in reunification has declined over time as the costs of the process have become more apparent. ET Dec.

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But K-Wave culture hides a litany of social ills. Washington and Seoul share command of the South Korean military, for example, but this was never intended to be a permanent solution, and either side could go it alone if it so choose. Other than the fact that both were Asian, communist states, the similarities start to fall away after a little probing beneath the surface. Kim has pledged an end to weapons tests and agreed to dismantle the Punggye-ri nuclear testing site though geologists report it may already have collapsed. On top of that, the military, political, and economic attempts at reunification in the past failed to achieve their goals. How exactly the government of a united Korea handles this strain will be vital. The two Koreas are on the verge of entering uncharted territory. Disparities in wealth and productivity are substantial and bridging them is likely to be burdensome, chaotic or both. Military spending could be significantly reduced, as well as diplomatic expenditure. Post navigation. But this risks stoking resentment and social unrest. Since South Korea is still wedded to some of the same older technologies, such as coal-fired power plants, the two Koreas could make this jump together. Politicians should prepare for a backlash from those set to lose out as a result of unification.
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Korean reunification is an impossible dream that has no real support