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His death had a profound impact on the young Johnny Cash, who until that time had been a gregarious boy, full of jokes.

He'd stay up all night. Unfortunately for him, the dealer was under surveillance for allegedly selling heroin; Cash was arrested at the airport, and held overnight on drug smuggling charges. At some point in his recovery, he learned that even the Shy-Drager diagnosis had been wrong; he had autonomic neuropathy associated with diabetes.

Perhaps his most famous arrest occurred in El Paso, Texas, in October of Then, in Lafayette, Georgia in Novemberunder the influence of pills, Cash took a Cadillac Eldorado on a joyride through a forest before banging on the door of a rural home until police were summoned.

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But early pictures of the group show them wearing lighter colors, and there was no hard-and-fast rule. The fire would eventually burn more than acres across three mountains and chase away 49 of the 53 endangered condors residing in a refuge in on the land. He and my mom would fight. He got up and found his way out of the cave in the dark, guided by a small draft of air, and emerged promising to quit drugs that very day. Sometimes he would even wear an entire suit of white. Shutterstock When Johnny Cash was in the Air Force, he incessantly wrote letters to Vivian Liberto, whom he had met at a roller rink, and would marry once he left the service. Cash went by himself, but the time he spent there was listless, and he eventually left and headed for home. June was already doing her best to stop his drug habits by checking his pockets, discussing his problems and even keeping bad influences away from their home. Earlier that year, in May, he was drunk and out well past curfew in Starkville, Mississippi when police arrested him and put him in a holding cell overnight to sober up. He read books on religion, seeking to discover some deeper place in his life, and to draw the spiritual core of his early life into his music and thought.

At this time, Johnny was friendly with the Carter sisters and often toured with them and their mother Maybelle of the original Carter Family. If he was the true king of Rock and Roll, he was also the archetype of addictive splitting off into separate selves, isolation from loved ones, and disconnection from life.

It was there in his youth, in songs he composed and sang with a gravitas that seemed beyond his years.

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According to Rolling Stone , Cash kicked his foot against his cell door so hard that he broke one of his toes. It was not uncommon for Southern kids to have names made of initials in the days of the Depression, and Johnny Cash was called J. According to an account in Robert Hilburn's biography of Cash, Damon was so irritated with his uncle that he refused to fish in the same spot as Cash once they had parked and set up the camper. He was an addict and an alcoholic. He lost people close to him, some early on, and survived a hardscrabble childhood marked by poverty and hard labor. Jack declined; he had a job cutting oak trees into posts, working at a table saw — three dollars for a day's labor. We lost him too soon. Finally, the forces who made money from him and rode the train of fortune on his back were too great for Elvis. Soon, he was playing with a bunch of like-minded servicemen in a ragtag band branded the Landsberg Barbarians. Cash realizes and holds himself accountable for the decisions he made during his music career and the consequences that followed. Cash went by himself, but the time he spent there was listless, and he eventually left and headed for home. Their flaws are what makes them so interesting. According to Hilburn's biography , he was asked whether he had started the fire, and he replied, "No.

He also saw the benefits of keeping busy; mere days after June's funeral, Cash was back in the recording studio with Rick Rubin, adding to the trove of songs the two had stockpiled for the American Recordings series.

This led to the loss of his job, thus completing the downfall which is common for a tragic hero. Johnny Cash performing at Folsom Prison on January 13, In national press coverage unusual for a country performer of that era, Cash appeared as a figure from a rough, faded past, yet with unexpected resonance among the counterculture.

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Cash went by himself, but the time he spent there was listless, and he eventually left and headed for home.

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