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The internet has given us access to a vast pool of information. The structure needs to be improved a little bit — make paragraphs smaller, re-structure them to create 5 paragraphs from 4. This will depend, to an extent, on which documents your university has subscribed to or bought electronic versions of.

what could be done to control information online essay

Firstly, internet is the bigest media information for solving problem about information and data. There are usually no such rules for registering. On the contrary, students with vision impairment cannot jump into the internet and thus books with Braille letters are still needed to teach them.

This is not to say that. When connected in internet it is very simple if the the government want to check our data to make sure that it was true; no matter how far are you. Submitted by jackykeizen gma All documents that you use for study fall into one of three categories: Primary Documents A primary document is a document that was written at the time of an event or period of research.

Of course any major news event like the Olympic Games is likely to have several primary sources, accounts from different broadcasters.

The internet is a great source of information and has opened up opportunities

For instance, people sign up on one site that sells goods online. Do not overlook proper referencing, plagiarism is a serious academic offence — your assignments are likely to fail if you do not reference correctly or understand how to reference. The goods would be paid for by a credit card, but the purchaser would not receive anything. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. This will depend, to an extent, on which documents your university has subscribed to or bought electronic versions of. A lot of libraries will have a retrieval system to help you to locate documents — such systems are commonly accessed via a computer, although some older systems still exist. Our further pages: Effective Reading and Critical Reading provide more information about how interpret the various sources of information. There are many applications are spread on the web which containing different facilities. This ease of finding information online has even made physical libraries redundant. This can be particularly true of subjects related to technology or current affairs. There are numerous obvious advantages to this: You can access the information you want, when you want — not just when the physical library is open. Tertiary Documents Tertiary documents usually act as pointers to primary and secondary documents. For this reason you need to be vigilant and take care when using the internet for academic research.

She argues that the students are incapable of finding good sources, ignoring scholarly articles in lieu of relying on sketchy blogs. Continue to:. Education in China was given more attention by the government after when it was clear that the Republic had grown substantially.

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Sources Of Information For Study