How to write a situation comedy

Trouble arrives in the form of a gift basket of wine and cheese that Leslie thinks is a bribery attempt from a local firm. This is one of the most watched sitcoms in the country, showing that some people want familiarity from comedy. Elaine buys her friend a bra but the friend uses it as provocative outerwear.

Around the 6th minute we might be introduced to a subplot Story B. Be especially vigilant with unsympathetic characters. Minutes conclude Story B: the secondary character either does, or does not, accomplish what they set out to do, and this may, or may not affect the outcome of Story A.

how to write a sitcom book

A police officer trying to get the cooperation of a room full of five year-olds creates exaggerated misunderstandings and strange solutions.

If Kramer got married and moved to the suburbs—whoa, now! The Croatian public were waiting. I was after tips on how they are constructed, and watched actively, looking to crack open their laugh-tracked shiny exterior to get at the goopy mechanism within, to see how they functioned.

A character is in an unfamiliar place, they check out the objects, foods, vegetation, and people.

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Sitcom Geek: 13 Rules of Sitcom