How to write a blurb for a book ks2 science

Special situations: Nonfiction and young reviewers Some of the tips and ideas above work best for fiction, and some of it is a little too complicated for very young reviewers. Is the setting unclear and fuzzy, or can you easily make the movie in your mind?

Background: What makes this book important or interesting? Who would you recommend it to? We learn about characters from things they do and say, as well as things other characters say about them.

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Is there anything that would be helpful for the reader to know about the author? As you write about the theme, try to identify what makes the book worth reading. Could you design your own on paper, using different Art materials? Do you think other people would like it? You may spend half of the review on this section. Science The sister lies awake at night 'listening to the noises of the night'. Is it set in the world we know or is it a fantastical world? Could you relate to any of the characters in the story? If there are illustrations, be sure to comment on those.

Design Technology Look at examples of tunnels. Think about how the boy and girl have changed throughout the story.

childrens book blurb examples

Is the language remarkable in any way? Would you have done anything differently had you been the author? Is it mostly realistic with elements of fantasy animals that can talk, for example? And the man Jack — who killed the rest of Nobody's family — is itching to finish the job.

What do they look like? Imagine that a tunnel has been found in your school grounds. Choose the things that fit this particular book best.

How to write a blurb for a book ks2 science

Look at how the colours in the illustrations change as the sister cuddles her brother. What are they used for? Could you try to create your own patterns using different art materials? Use book review templates you can download some below to use as a basis for the report. Who are the characters? Can you think of any more words that might be suitable? If it is written in poetic form, does it rhyme?

How are they made?

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