How to configure a switch and

This is the reason why port mirroring is used to monitor the traffic and store it to ensure that everything is going perfect. The switch should be configured with a default gateway if the switch will be managed remotely from networks not directly connected. If this variable is not set, the switch attempts to load and execute the first executable file it can by performing a recursive, depth-first search throughout the flash file system.

switch configuration commands in packet tracer pdf

Task 2: Check the default configuration Make sure that your work removing the old configuration was successful. Reconnect the power cord to the switch and within 15 seconds press and hold down the Mode button while the System LED is still flashing green.

Switch configuration commands step by step in packet tracer pdf

The main purpose of this service is to assign different port numbers to the devices in on network. You can use the switch LEDs to quickly monitor switch activity and its performance. Continue pressing the Mode button until the System LED turns briefly amber and then solid green; then release the Mode button. In the Global Configuration mode, enter the Interface Configuration context by entering the following: The options are: interface-id — Specifies an interface ID to be configured. This is a software restart. Step 3. S1 config-if end Save the running config to the startupconfig. Run ping between the machines to see if you can communicate. From the top launch bar, click on the Networking icon and do Edit.

Finally, the boot loader locates and loads a default IOS operating system software image into memory and hands control of the switch over to the IOS. Under these conditions, the devices such as routers or switches are able to configure themselves on their own. Take a deeper look at the IP address with the command show ip interface vlan1.

Start by giving the switch a name.

Cisco switch basic configuration example

Step 4. Now, poke around a bit on the web interface. You can do this by resetting it back to all of its default settings. Here is how to define the port speed and duplex type for each. Have you had any experience with configuring Cisco switches? On the switch, do these commands: is config t is config int vlan 1 we are configuring the management vlan, vlan 1 is config-if ip address Repeat on the other machine using a different IP address, on the In a complex and large network, traffic is flowing from different directions and from different points. Do you find it easier to set up a Cisco switch than another brand of switch? With all of the network management tasks that you need to perform, you will find it essential to install a network monitoring system. One example can be when data is sent from a private network over the internet; in this case it is essential to translate the IP Addresses to enable both networks to work on common grounds. It initializes the CPU registers that control where physical memory is mapped, the quantity of memory, and memory speed. This will increase the security of your network and will also provide you will better control.

Unmanaged There are basically two types of devices in a network, depending on the complexity and size of the network. By default, the Ethernet interfaces use autosensing to coordinate speed and duplex type.

basic switch configuration pdf

The data is then directed to this route to make sure that it reaches the destination in the least amount of time.

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Configure an IP address on a switch