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What step? Oh well, we have a certain level of success along the way. Tell us about the project where you were working with the multi-cultural teams and what experience did you have?

How do you measure results and what metrics do you use? We like to test, we like to try other things. Helping motivate employees How do you keep employees happy, so that you can retain them? An average recruiter takes 45 minutes to screen, schedule and do a phone interview. We focus as much as possible on the awareness and evaluation parts of the loop and of course on developing different platforms and procedures for inciting advocacy. Is the content driving them to actually click apply? To add a note, we have amazing science and engineering roles, because we have a crazy high-end innovation rating. DHL also welcomes many people new to the area and has partnered with Citi, which sends a representative to the office to help them with bank accounts. That our industry is actually a really interesting dynamic fast-paced industry. Where are they jumping off?

Did you find this story helpful? While Mya was taking care of the harder aspects like qualification, location, salary, the organization felt the need to automate the assessment of candidates on the softer aspects too. But before we ever launch anything we, of course, think about what the objective is.

Helping motivate employees How do you keep employees happy, so that you can retain them?

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But also you create a much better version of the company, so Glassdoor is a really important platform for not just for recruiting, but also for employer branding and getting people to go there and know that this is a place that we want them to share their experience.

Thus, helping them to redeploy this time in other value-added tasks.

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We give advice on what our recruiters are looking for in a CV or how you can better use LinkedIn for getting hired.

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Article: How AI reinvented hiring practice at L’Oréal