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Lamed by arthritis at the end of his life, Gregory died in Rome and was buried in the basilica of St Peter. Augustine of Canterbury to Kent in not to be confused with St. In a flood destroyed the grain reserves of Rome, instigating a famine and then a plague that swept through Rome and killed Pope Pelagius. Astute readers may suspect this to be a scandal, but this was at a time before the clergy took vows of celibacy. They had another son whose name and fate are unknown. Gregory was well placed in society. This tension between Rome and Constantinople is revealed clearly in policies regarding the church. Silvia's sister Gregory's aunt , Pateria are both recognized as saints in the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The administrative framework he set in place for the management of church lands made possible the development of the Papal States. Gregory believed that punishment of sins can begin, even in this life before death. In this case, Rome actually supported imperial policy, which declared these chapters to be Nestorian meaning they portrayed the divine and human natures of Christ as independent , while Western churches accepted them as orthodox. But the Council Fathers made one exception: The Mass of Saint Gregory, a cycle of thirty Masses on thirty consecutive days for the release of a soul from purgatory, were not suppressed.

Pope Pelagius II, who reigned from tochose Gregory to serve as an ambassador to the imperial court in Constantinople. He drew into the orbit of papal authority the bishops of France and Spain who had, until then, been operating somewhat autonomously.

His frequent correspondence across the world shows him well aware of evangelistic opportunities in Britain.

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His father was named Gordianus, and he was a senator and a Prefect of Rome. The Pope had a problem with the Lombards invading from the west.

Gregory the great

Both of these incursions were short lived. He ordered his clergy to go out into the streets to find and care for the poor in person.

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By the age of 30, he was the chief administrative official of the city, responsible for finances, police, provisioning, and public works—an experience that helped him hone his administrative skills and, together with his personal wealth, gave him the opportunity to create six monasteries.

The north of the street runs into the Colosseum ; the south, the Circus Maximus.

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Pope Saint Gregory the Great