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It is part of the Virgin Group of establishments.

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While Europe's flag carriers concentrated on their hubs, Emirates sought secondary markets such as Manchester, Glasgow, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. Virgin Atlantic has enjoyed huge popularity, winning top business, consumer and trade awards from around the world. This presentation will attempt to point out some of these key strategies Isolating Its Target Market The airline decided early on that its target market would be business men and leisure travelers.

The service sector across the globe has had a revolutionary change and businesses such as Virgin Atlantic have been using the latest technology; mainly the internet; as a base for expansion but also to offer a larger customer base its services Yet this old model is coming under pressure: consolidation of a sort is taking place at a regional or continental level. The group included, in , 63 businesses as diverse as airlines, health clubs, music stores and trains. Virgin too didn't have an easy ride with BA, and won substaintial The evolution of industry structure plays an important role in determining the robustness and stability of lower airfares in unregulated markets This illustrates the second explanation, the tilt of aviation, like that of so many other industries, to the east. Instead, southwest everyone always treat employees properly with their hearts, and they do it not because the company requires them to, but because they want to. The reason for this is because despite the failure of most entrants since deregulation, investors continue to create new airlines. After much dithering British Airways and Iberia got together in Now TAM is planning to merge with LAN, a privatised Chilean airline which has long set the regional standard for efficiency in its open, liberalised home market. By deploying so many large, economical aircraft from a vast base, open around the clock and halfway between Europe and Asia, Emirates could in effect run a global hub, reducing European airports to a feeder role and impoverishing their associated flag carriers. Its huge popularity has ensured its success worldwide. One of the main rivals of Virgin is British Airways whom have been in bitter rivalry ever since Virgins inception VAA has been pursuing a marketing strategy to serve all classes of passengers Air France and KLM led the way, merging in

Newcomers in new places Perhaps the most surprising bout of consolidation and revival, however, has been in Latin America. Some airlines, such as Ryanair, the biggest European budget carrier, have taken to parking many of their planes in the winter rather than burning fuel in half-empty aircraft.

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For most of the past 40 years, he notes, margins were merely 0. Even low-cost successes such as easyJet and Ryanair make losses some of the year. After establishing Virgin Records as one of the world's top six record companies by the early s, Branson launched his new creation, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, by

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