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Spring Acrostic Poem - Write a poem about spring and begin each line with a letter from the word spring. According to Common Core State Standards Initiativefourth-grade writing should include opinion pieces, informative texts, and narratives about real or imagined experiences.

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What makes this place so special? Biography - Write a short biography about someone you know. Explain why you would like to get better and list some steps you can take to make it happen. Autumn Acrostic Poem - Write a poem about this season using the letters in the word autumn. Creative Corner - Story starter worksheets for the budding young author. Include facts about their life and death and most well-known works. Write a Story 1 - Write a story to accompany the picture of a boy chasing a frog.

Include facts about their life and death and most well-known works. Choose a famous person from history or science and write about their lives and contributions.

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Students will also illustrate each favorite thing they write about. I truly believe your child or students will benefit from the practice of writing thank you notes. Learn about where they lived, their culture, and their use of natural resources in their area. What do you think is the greatest or most useful invention of all time? Updated July 12, Students in fourth grade need a variety of practice developing their writing skills. If you could be president for a day or the principal of your school , what would you do? This activity requires five sheets of paper to make the book. Ideas should be organized logically and supported by details. You find yourself stranded on a deserted island with only 3 items in your backpack. The story must include a giraffe, a mouse, a flying carpet, and a large birdcage. Include facts about why it is endangered and any changes that people can make to help increase its population. Of all animals, wild or domesticated, which is your favorite? Learn more about an artist or composer. Quote Worksheet 7 - Henry David Thoreau has a simple thought full of meaning. Write a story about someone your age.

Fine Arts. My Favorite Things - On these four pages you students will write about such things as their favorite toy, foods, and activities. Flat Earth. School Food. Who is your favorite TV, movie, or music star?

Of all animals, wild or domesticated, which is your favorite?

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4th Grade Writing Worksheets & Free Printables