Finding the puritan way of thinking in the poetry of anne bradstreet

Accomplishments of anne bradstreet

Nature Bradstreet, like most Puritans, revered nature. Anne shares this outlook as her epitaph to her mother reveals. Her characterization of childhood also holds notes of humor, with the narrator Childhood likening a baby throwing a tantrum over treats like apples or plums to war and battle, which tempers her moral binarism. She uses the metaphor that her book is like her child because she created it. Anne Bradstreet lived in the Elizabethan era which allowed her to be highly educated by her father. New York, NY. Only identity in Christ lasts into eternity. John Harvard Library, , Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is devoted to her husband and even though she spends a lot of time without him the love she has for him is defined and endless. Most helpful essay resource ever! She wrote ideas that were against the ideas of her religion and the time she lived in.

He wants to be the only one to bring her joy and make her smile. She does not desire to leave her husband and children but understands that life in Heaven with her Creator will be joyous. The river symbolizes her satisfaction in loving her husband just like water for a river can never be enough.

That she did not intend for her poems to be published, but in a moment of poverty she decided to let them go to see what would be of them. As Bradstreet scholar Robert D.

Even though her brother in law was the one that published her poems without her permission, Anne took the criticism as it came and made herself a better poet. This portrays a loving tone as she claims that they will both persevere to live until the end.

However, she does make the case that women are capable of achievement; for example, she argues that women can also write poetry and should not be censured for it. Nature Bradstreet, like most Puritans, revered nature.

Yet she extols the virtues of a loving and submissive wife. These were the conventions of gender that structured Puritan society.

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Trusting in trials with the Puritan poet, Anne Bradstreet