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The mechanism involved in such a project involves an inherent contradiction. The answer lies in the claim that the power of negation is an intrinsic feature of the intentionality of consciousness. The values thus created by a proper exercise of my freedom have a universal dimension, in that any other human being could make sense of them were he to be placed in my situation. People hostile to Sartre's writings criticized him of assassinating literature. In The Flies, this person is represented by the Tutor. Sartre thus establishes that if there is perceiving, there must be a consciousness doing the perceiving. My ego appears on the scene of this reflective consciousness, but it is as an object for the other. To explain how existential psychoanalysis works requires that we first examine the notion of fundamental project BN, During the Second World War, Sartre wrote his existentialist magnum opus Being and Nothingness and taught the work of Heidegger in a war camp.

But an object is possessed insofar as it is related to me by an internal ontological bond, Sartre argues. Any attempt to generalize human nature, and hence any attempt to construct a system based on these universals, is doomed to fail. Faced with an object which poses an insurmountable problem, the subject attempts to view it differently, as though it were magically transformed.

Sartre then notes that this requires that the questioner be able to detach himself from the causal series of being. He will not be anything until later, and then he will be what he makes of himself p.

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Being-for-itself is conscious of its own consciousness but is also incomplete. Another example of this structure of desire BN, is that of love. In the lengthier discussion on the topic "Being and Having," Sartre differentiates between three relations to an object that can be projected in desiring.

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