Essay writing on importance of english language

These high stake tests plays a vital role when decisions made on individual performance and its outcome is considered as a diagnosis of the learners ability.

the importance of language essay

First of all, as an international student, English is my second language. Thus, English is not only a means for international commerce, but also it has become essential for inter-state commerce and communication. Many famous personalities are there who interact with the public in English only, so if you also want to connect with them learn English.

Essay writing on importance of english language

A housewife may not need too much deep knowledge of the English language. Several writers around the world write in English. Without colors painting also exist but a colorful world is always better than a colorless universe. Many youngsters want to learn some professional things like music, dance, playing guitar, etc. To access them you need better knowledge. As soon as you decide you want to learn, there are thousands of resources on the Internet and in bookstores. Now it has gained the status of international language. What's more, knowing English opens up thousands of movies, television shows, and games for your enjoyment. A good English teacher must have a sound knowledge of English. The English language is an important language of the world it is the mother tongue of two advanced countries of the world America and Great Britain. She can use any of the tips which suit her the most. This will lead you to how to make your vocabulary strong.

Who is a little extra smart and who knows a bit more than others? The English language is very much helpful in acquiring good marks in the exams.

importance of english language in education

There are many English medium schools constructing day by day in our country. If English becomes the main language of communication, the consequences are obvious: culture of English-speaking countries will be dominant in the world.

essay on importance of english in 250 words
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Importance of English language for students