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He was an anthropologist and well-educated person. We are talking about the well-developed and successful tribe. Upon entering the shamans lair, the woman is to remove all her clothes, and then put on a large sheet.

Miner directly makes it feel like the article was written by an outsider.

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Unfortunately, it is also common practice to look down upon the practices of another culture because they are not similar to one's own traditions. Describing normal American activities such as, brushing teeth and putting makeup on, as abnormal.

Horace was interested in agriculture lot of time in his life he spent on studying.

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Miner takes a look at his culture through a view of which an anthropologist from another culture would look at it. The fact that you share a similar culture with others helps to define the group or society to which you belong. This book was a difficult read for me. First was I surprised when the true identity of the Nacirema tribe was revealed? The daily customs of the Nacirema are a frightful thing to observe. Nacirema word play for American customs are set in an unfamiliar environment and presented as exotic. He tells about how the tribe performs these strange daily rituals and how their peculiarity is extreme, but in fact he is actually speaking of Americans as a whole Miner. You must write a page critical summary of 1 one of the following required reading articles from weeks Miner, Horace. Horace Miner. Some men of the Nacirema perform this ceremony too, but it is much more common among the women. Every culture or society has its own model of perception of the world. I think I did rather well considering that I work in a very diverse workplace and communicate with many different people of different cultures.

The essay will consist of two sections: an article summary and a reaction discussion. The shaman first mixes up all of his magical potions. Horace Miner is mainly known for his studies in mankind, and as an anthropologist he must take into consideration, without preconceived opinions the variety of unique cultures within the human race.

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I intend the word sacred to be understood as something wholly separate from the everyday profane authenticity, and includes something supernatural, beyond human understanding. Any culture consists if the rituals and those rituals determine this cultural. Miner, H. These were first brought to the attention of many anthropologists around twenty years ago. Their ways of life are portrayed as uncivilized and barbaric. Many of their practices involve keeping it neat and clean at all times. Once the Nacirema woman is on the slab, the process begins. It is not like agricultural revolution essays , it is something more and new. If a woman does not perform enough customs, she is looked down upon and shunned by the rest of the Nacirema society. He wanted his readers to see how crazy different cultures, as well as your own, can be.

The shrines that the Nacirema built for their ceremonies, where they also keep the many charms and magical potions, are the chests or medicine cabinets that Americans use to keep their colognes, toothbrush and toothpaste etc.

Horace Miner. Not until all the unwanted hair is off the Nacirema woman,and she is bleeding and in pain is this cruel and unusual process done.

Essay on the nacirema

In the Nacirema, the belief is that the human body is ugly and that its natural tendency is to debility and disease The core of their belief stems from the idea that the human body is innately ugly and naturally susceptible to illnesses.

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Horace Miner: Body Ritual Among The Nacirema Essay