Effects to the students whose parents are working abroad

Citing at least three negative and positive effects of having an OFW parent s from their own views.

working abroad leaving family

The total respondents that this research was subjected to were 14 persons only, which has an OFW parent. Western-based analyses might predict negative education outcomes for children as a result of parental absence.

It is also understandable that student may be undergo some changes in their behaviors that can affect their performance in their studies, and as the parents they have their responsibilities in motivating and counseling their children which I think most essential thing they must do.

Across the four countries, however, the number of households with same gender—age eligibility was low 6. Only a few analyses considered migratory movements in the European context. This may have a knock-on effect on their school performance. Specifically, I explore the role played by parental education, family structure, duration of parental absence and the local labour market.

Most studies adopt the conceptual framework of attachment theory, predicting poor emotional outcomes for those who experience losses or disruptions in primary attachment relationships Ainsworth et al.

Critiques within this literature provide support for two important observations about parent—child separation during serial migration. To the Student, that they should understand the selfless act of their parents, ask their parents if they are doing well in other countries.

Nevertheless, insofar as stability and familiarity during childhood are protective for psychological health, these differences may be significant.

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(DOC) The Effects of having an OFW parent to the Acad perf of student