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The Vampire This is the most obvious thing to look at when it comes to comparing the two movies; both movies have their own radically different take on the undead, largely as a result of the differences between silent films and talkies.

With the leaps and bounds made in technology, Coppola was able to take the novel further while still respecting it by using techniques and ideas similar to early cinema.

The plain and simple answer is that there is not one; both movies are excellent, cinematic classics, so why not watch both this Halloween? Nosferatu was filmed before the invention of sound so it is silent, but that is what German expressionism was all about and Murnau plays off of it well.

Wyman, L.

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Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press. After the affairs are in order, Orlok leaves Hutter in his castle and travels by sea to England to his new home and his quest for blood continues. The style of this technique helped to define and place Nosferatu within the German expressionist and Weimar cinema movements. In Nosferatu, the ending is bittersweet, but a sacrifice had to be made for the victory, for the greater good. The biggest change was the ending of the movie. Legacy Scholarly Journal, p. Overall the film stuck mainly to the events of the book, and was characterized by the expressionistic camera techniques. These films show that there is not one right way to make a film, there are many. Worst of all for film lovers was that the judge ordered that all copies of Nosferatu be destroyed. The Impact of Nosferatu Though its clear that Nosferatu is a close retelling of Dracula with different character names, the movie made many changes to the story, some for budget reasons but most for copyright reasons. It also shows that film can portray a story effectively as either silent or with sound. There are far worse things waiting man… than death. Theme of chaos and symbolic of EXPAND An example being the runaway stagecoach in which fast-motion is used to show the chaos and represents the danger ahead for John Harker. Wyman, L.

The shorter and more concise Dracula wins here. These few key performances put Dracula a cut above Nosferatu in this regard.

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The approach to castles in the film is a good example of this. Jonathan is tasked with assisting in the affairs and relocation of a Count Dracula in Transylvania after the previous investor went mad from his time in the country.

Without those changes, vampires might never have been thought to be vulnerable to sunlight or able to kill their victims.

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Winner: Dracula So what movie is the big winner? Grau, however, hit a major snag. The young protagonist makes his way back to England as well, able to spend just a brief night with his wife before she is killed by the Count and Orlok is vanquished by the rising sun.

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