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Mediterranean Cuisine There is some debate if there is actually a Mediterranean cuisine. Blini and pirozhki also originate from Russia. Although Italian cuisine varies from region to region, each meal will generally be set up in a similar way. After a delicious meal of soul food, you may not be hungry enough to eat dessert.

France Freshly baked French baguettes -- mouthwatering. Vegetables including chilies are always a part of the dishes as well as fish sauce. Even better, this country is known for its many delicious beers. A local favorite is known as a Tagine and contains chicken, fries and olives.

This cuisine puts a strong focus on using foods like leafy green veggies, goat meat, sweet potatoes, rice, peas and coconut. Next, diners enjoy the primo course which consists of pasta or rice. Based on noodles or rice the Japanese meals are usually made of sea food, tofu or vegetables.

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Every time sailors returned from traveling, they brought back different dishes and dining styles. Vegetables and fruits like papaya, lime and mango are parts of many dishes as well as coconut, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.

The Chinese entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for the finer points of frugality -- the folks are cheap, crafty and food-crazed -- results in one of the bravest tribes of eaters in the world.

Maize and peanuts are widely used as well as chilies and sweet potatoes.

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