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T he mandatory education, experience, and training requirements for the Auditing career field apply to contract auditors. Acquisition professionals should use the Guidebook as a reference source supporting their management responsibilities. Individuals also analyze, assess, and evaluate test data and results; prepare assessments of the data; and write reports of the findings.

I ndividuals who work in this field are usually engineers, scientists, operations researchers, computer scientists, and other degree-holding technical personnel who perform test and evaluation tasks in support of acquisition. The checklists incorporate other information useful for determining how the standards may be met.

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Personnel Data System PDS codes used to track training in automated personnel systems are included for each of the courses. Mandatory standard Desired standard No standard has been set Option for meeting mandatory standard Option for meeting desired standard Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering— Science and Technology Manager The certification standards published in this Catalog are effective 1 October The field includes managers and technical specialists in engineering, physics, operations research, mathematics, and computer science fields.

A cquisition-related manufacturing and production duties vary greatly in managerial, administrative, and technical content; but they usually involve program management or monitoring of the manufacturing and production efforts of contractors.

It requires knowledge of commercial supply sources and of common business practices for roles, prices, discounts, deliveries, stocks, and shipments.

See your local training support office.

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