Custom paper backdrop

custom step and repeat backdrop

You can even use our backdrops for interior design purposes! One last thing regarding artwork: we strongly recommend not having a border on your artwork. However, this makes it really easy for your border to get cut off or not look symmetrical, which is why we will always recommend having the artwork extend all the way to the edges.

Can I customize one of your images?

create your own backdrop

How large of a file do you need? Some of these settings include: Photography — Step and repeat banners are a great tool for photographers, especially those that want to create custom, memorable photographs for any occasion. The more pixels you can send us in your file, the better.

There's no need to send us a file that takes 5 hours to download When we receive the artwork we will format it for printing and send you a proof via email.

Shows and Red Carpet Galas — Turn any play, premiere, or show into something even more memorable, by customizing a step and repeat banner so that every single guest remembers their photo and where they were for that event.

Custom paper backdrop

Just send us your high-res file and tell us the size you want. If you like how that resolution looks on your screen, then it should be fine. We'd be more than happy to make minor changes to our stock images for you. You can even add a hashtag, so that any guests know that that they can hashtag their photo so others can find it on social media. These banners are not only fully customizable — they can be made to be reusable, with materials that can withstand some of the abuse that comes from regular use. You need to respond in a timely manner especially if we're under a tight deadline. Corporate Gatherings and More —These custom backdrops are also excellent for corporate gatherings, and any function that involves a considerable amount of picture opportunities. When you purchase an image, choose the highest resolution available as we'll need to blow them up to the dimensions of the backdrop. We love to receive the largest file that you have so that we have more to work with, within reason. Use them at proms, for weddings, or simply as a fun background for any type of photo session. The safe zone is typically 8" inset from the outside dimensions. Email us any links or inquiries. All sizes are in pixels.

The basic guidelines of your image size should be the actual dimensions of the backdrop, in inches, with the dpi set to somwhere between We do not recommend printing watermark greyscale images or solid light grey colors.

This is not an exact resolution format, but rather an example of a recommended range of optimal clarity.

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Just send us your high-res file and tell us the size you want. Light grey is one of the hardest colors to color match.

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