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The Ministry has also committed to increasing provision of assistive technologies and to using Universal Design for Learning UDL principles when developing new resources so that no adaptations are required for students with disabilities.

Underserved students benefit from learning activities that provide them with opportunities to drive their own learning. She has designed and developed several educational and advertising games. Online forums - Aside from working on group projects consider creating an online forum where students can continue discussions that began in the classroom and share relevant materials.

Guidelines for selecting instructional media

There are neighbouring schools, drawing from the same communities, with radically different outlooks; so that where one is providing devices to students at a ratio of one-to-one, the other may not even be considering an optional BYOD programme. Students will properly budget their time once they identify the due date, point value, and topic of study for their assignments. Another future workplace trend which is likely to grow is smart or remote working teams. Seven Considerations for Successful Technology Deployment These promising practices can be used as guidelines for evaluating existing tech tools and levers for change—but strong alignment among several key elements in a given context supersedes any of the practices above. These simple changes undoubtedly lighten your workload. In a digital age we are immersed in technology. Katrin Becker is an internationally known expert in the design and analysis of Serious Games. Our report on the future of cloud computing considers the implications for educational institutions and offers some success stories. It also considers some of the risks associated with cloud computing. Students who are comfortable collaborating with others from an early stage while having the edge in the job market.

Are decisions made across the board, or do they vary section to section within the course? Gradebook features should include at-a-glance summaries.

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The course dashboard should be intuitive once students have logged on. As well as learning about the chosen topic this gives students the chance to learn how to develop research skills, learn to assess whether online sources are trustworthy, to verify materials found online and to find out about the appropriate use of sound clips and images.

Logging into class online is quick and easy. Katrin Becker is an internationally known expert in the design and analysis of Serious Games.

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Choosing appropriate technologies