Block quotation rules legal writing and research

In a word document, you can highlight the quotation and see the number of words to know whether or not you need to use a block quote. Its limited aim is to serve as a tutorial on how to cite the most widely referenced types of U. This is usually in the form of quotations.

In some cases, block quotations are unnecessarily long and include more content than is needed to make or support a point. You can now proceed with your writing, and you should begin on a separate new line.

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Unless using raw data from an experiment for instance, or first-hand accounts such as diary entries or interviews, most of the information you collect will come from books, journal articles, and reference materials. Lengthy string citations, like long single-spaced block quotations, are never a good idea.

Block quotes in Word can be done by selecting the entire quote then pressing the TAB button on the keyboard. You should, therefore, create a new paragraph to start your quote. If you are dealing with more than one paragraph of the block quote, an additional indent of 0. You don't need brackets indicating a change in capitalization unless you are doing legal writing or textual criticism or you're talking about the capitalization.

quotation marks in legal writing
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Block quotation in legal writing and research