Applying for honors program essay

Think about who you ask to read your draft. Writing an honors application essay seems to be a rather difficult task, so never think you will pass through this stage easily. Step 3. It's like being in a candy store, or rather a gourmet chocolate shop; everything looks good and choosing is difficult.

Inform yourself about the possibilities that the particular program will give you, about the application procedure and the deadlines. Your academic objectives Your personal anecdote should lead easily and logically into a description of your academic and professional objectives.

why are you interested in joining the honors college essay

Applicants who meet the baseline criteria and show promise are invited to campus to interview with a faculty member and a current Honors student. The best way to grab a reader's attention is with a personal story. Your personal anecdotes, your objectives, and your qualifications should present a seamless picture of a unique individual with particular aspirations, values, as well as the talent to carry out these aspirations and values.

Do not boast with achievements that you actually have not gained 2. It should present a picture of you as an individual.

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While many college admissions essays invite you to share a personal story, the HC essay has a different focus: it asks you to demonstrate your critical thinking skills.

Participation in the Honors program at a previous institution is not required.

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When revising your essay ask yourself and have your readers ask the following questions: 1 Is the author someone I'd like to chat with?

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Apply to Honors Program