An overview of the south american country of guyana

Threatened reptiles include the black caiman Melanosuchus niger and the yellow-headed sideneck turtle Podocnemis unifilis.

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There are is a significant push to increase tourism in these countries, which may help in the valuation of biodiversity and curve some of the current trends.

The flora of this area is rich, and these multi-tiered forests can reach up to 40 meters in height. Types and Severity of Threats Gold mining and the rampant expansion of logging are the most serious cause for concern, much of which is done illegally and along the borders of the Guyanas and Brazil and Venezuela where there is little enforcement or protection.

In a Surinamese survey team was found in the New River Triangle and was forcibly removed.

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In the mids, Guyana began the process of selecting sites for World Heritage nomination, and three sites were considered: Kaieteur National ParkShell Beach and Historic Georgetown. Work continues, after a period of hiatus, on the nomination dossier for Historic Georgetown.

The southern boundary is formed by the watershed of the Acarai Mountains and Serra Tumucumaque, which also is the international border between Brazil and the northern Guianan countries of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana an overseas department of France.

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Guyana country profile