An overview of the death of oscar romero and the el salvadoran catholicism

On the other hand, all the books of the fathers of the Church were worn and were the source of his inspiration.

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It is a human, moral and, for the believer, Christian issue. He never read them; he never looked at them.

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Ricardo Urioste was Romero's vicar general and perhaps the person closest to him. What he saw led him to a major shift in outlook.

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He was so affected by what he saw there that when he returned to San Salvador in and gave the talk that turned Paul Schindler around, it was clear that he himself had been turned around. I introduced myself and asked him how many communists he felt it would be worthwhile to kill in order to keep El Salvador safe. He prayed to Romero, and his wife survived. Allen, Jr. Recognizing Romero as a martyr—saint opens the door for the canonization of other slain Latin American bishops. The article cites an anonymous former death squad member who claimed he had been assigned to guard a house in San Salvador used by a unit of three counter-guerrilla operatives directed by D'Aubuisson. When he arrived in the diocese, landowners insisted he shut down a local pastoral center that offered training aligned with the church's post-Vatican II thinking. When I arrived at the houses that had been invaded by the armed forces, it broke my heart to hear the bitter laments of the widows and orphans who, sobbing inconsolably, told me about the attack. His concern was, how could the church help? When Romero was beatified in , his former secretary, Msgr. Many people were killed by gunfire and in the stampede of people running away from the explosions and gunfire; official sources reported 31 overall casualties, while journalists recorded that between 30 and 50 died. For all Schindler knew, they would be the last words he'd ever hear from him.

The Catholic Church, meanwhile, prefers the version of Romero as a good and saintly man. The number of times Romero cited Marx, Engels, Lenin, or any of the liberation theologians in his homilies was zero.

An overview of the death of oscar romero and the el salvadoran catholicism

For doing so, he was accused of being anti-government. Romero was beatified later that year. For the next three years, Romero was among the loudest voices for justice in a country clearly headed toward civil war. Romero himself rejected it, as did those who knew him best. After visiting the scene, Romero wrote a letter to the then-president, Col. But not Oscar Romero. He frequently criticized leftist guerrillas for using violence to achieve their aims, even if he believed that the underlying root of guerrilla violence was poverty and the repression of the regime. The gunman emerged from the vehicle, stepped to the door of the chapel, and fired one possibly two shots. Schindler had told his bishop back in Cleveland that he'd decided to return home after eight years of parish work in El Salvador. At least 75, people were killed. Now, almost 40 years later, the Catholic Church is preparing to make the slain religious leader a saint. Still, he did close the center — temporarily. The article furthermore attributes full knowledge of the assassination to the CIA as far back as The scene portrayed in this film never happened, although the belief that John Paul II was cold to Romero, whom he supposedly saw as a communist subversive, does appear to be widespread in some sectors, particularly among Catholic progressives. He adhered faithfully to the Catholic Church and above all to the teachings of the popes.

Laws and structures would be useless if human beings were not renewed interiorly, repenting of their own sins and striving to live a more just life. Now, almost 40 years later, the Catholic Church is preparing to make the slain religious leader a saint.

This atmosphere made it uncomfortable for most reporters in El Salvador—who were occasionally ambushed in the field, or abducted and murdered—to probe deeply or to openly ask questions about what happened to Romero. The murder remains unsolved.

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