An analysis of the three reasons against the need for metal detectors in schools

colorado schools with metal detectors

That way, if there is a crisis, parents will feel more confident their children are safe and know where to direct any concerns. About 11 percent of school districts nationally report using such devices, according to the National Association of School Psychologists.

For example, Philadelphia school officials recovered six handguns and 31 BB or pellet guns in March There are better ways to find out about a gun in a school Trump said the best way to find out about a weapon in school is to build relationships with students and make them feel comfortable reporting it to a trusted adult.

alternatives to metal detectors in schools

School officials in Boston and Springfield told MassLive metal detectors are beneficial. Much more likely is a bullying problem, a stranger on the campus or a non-custodial parent attempting to pick up a child. After the meeting, Terrell explained that the students wanted to come in to hand-deliver their petition against the policy.

how many schools have metal detectors in the united states

Some of these measures could violate local ordinances and fire codes.

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Pro & Cons of Metal Detectors in Schools