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These dialects resulted from incompletely understood population movements of the 13th and 15th centuries. This rather shows that Proto-Albanians were pushed away from coastal areas in early times probably after the Latin conquest of the region thus losing large parts or the majority of sea environment lexicon. It is also possible to find parallels to South Slavic languages. Dialects spoken in Kosovo and Macedonia are Geg dialects, while those spoken in northwestern Greece are Tosk dialects. No such change has occurred in Geg, e. Grammar The grammatical categories of Albanian are much like those of other European languages. Religion As a legacy of nearly five centuries of Ottoman rule, Albania is a predominantly Muslim country. Even though they are predominantly located in Geg-speaking areas, the standard variety used in Kosovo and Macedonia is the same one used in Albania i. In the late 19th century there were various attempts to create a standardized alphabet for Albanian; in , the modern Albanian alphabet was codified at the Congress of Manastir. Albanian has also been written with a number of other alphabets, including Elbasan , Beitha Kukju and Todhri , local inventions which appeared during the 18th and 19th centuries, but were not widely used. The modern Albanian alphabet consists of 36 letters, several of which are digraphs. Mother Teresa , a Skopje -born ethnic Albanian who served as a Roman Catholic missionary to India in the 20th century, is a folk hero in Albania. Albanac, Germ. Albanian is also spoken widely in some areas in Greece, southern Montenegro, southern Serbia, and in some towns in southern Italy and Sicily. The terms Albania and Albanian are not to be confused with the area in the Caucasus referred to in ancient texts as Albania or the language spoken there referred to as Albanian an ancestor of the modern Udi language spoken in Azerbaijan and a member of a language family with no confirmed connections to the Indo-European language family.

You will also hear the call to prayer, called Ezan in Albania, 5 times a day. Moreover, since the s many Albanians have emigrated to western Europe and the United States.

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However, Standard Albanian is predominantly based on Tosk. Because of the superficial changes in the phonetic shape of the language over 2, years and because of the borrowing of words from neighbouring culturesthe continuity of the Indo-European heritage in Albanian has been underrated.

During the Kosovo conflict of the late s, the Serbian government responded to rising Kosovar Albanian nationalism with a reprisal decried as ethnic cleansingwhich forced hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians to flee to Albania. It is a unique language!

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Some have proposed a connection between the ancestor of Albanian without assigning a specific identity to this ancestor and a Latinized variety of that ancestor that may have ultimately yielded Romanian, as there are several shared words not of Latin origin in both languages.

These are pretty easy to master once you know how to use them.

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Albanian language, alphabets and pronunciation