Advantages and disadvantages of presidential system of government

A country under enormous stress may, supporters argue, be better off being led by a president with a fixed term than rotating premierships.

This can be seen in when Democrat Bill Clinton was president with a Republican controlled Congress. By contrast, in parliamentary systems, the prime minister needs to survive a vote of confidence otherwise a new election must be called.

semi-presidential system advantages and disadvantages

In parliamentary systems, party discipline is much more strictly enforced. Nomination of illiterate members as ministers causing strongest bureaucracy. This means that, even the president is proved to be inefficient, even if he becomes unpopular, even if his policy is unacceptable to the majority of his countrymen, he and his methods must be endured till the moment comes for a new election.

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In addition, this reduces accountability by allowing the president and the legislature to shift blame to each other. One example is Japanwhere the national government uses the parliamentary system, but the prefectural and municipal governments have governors and mayors elected independently from local assemblies and councils.

So, no questions may be asked about their performance or activities or they can be condemned. As example, state that implemented this system is United State, the American president continued to support war in Vietnam in spite of popular opposition to this policy in United State.

Advantages and disadvantages of presidential system of government

This leads to the separate election of president, who is elected to office for a fixed term, and only removable for gross misdemeanor by impeachment and dismissal. Parliamentary systems can quickly remove unpopular leaders by a vote of no confidence , a procedure that serves as a "pressure release valve" for political tension. President considers himself always right because of absolute power, which causes danger to the integrity of country. As with the president's set term of office, the legislature also exists for a set term of office and cannot be dissolved ahead of schedule. Differences from a parliamentary system[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Overlapping elements[ edit ] In practice, elements of both systems overlap. British-Irish philosopher and MP Edmund Burke stated that an official should be elected based on "his unbiased opinion, his mature judgment, his enlightened conscience", and therefore should reflect on the arguments for and against certain policies before taking positions and then act out on what an official would believe is best in the long run for one's constituents and country as a whole even if it means short-term backlash.

O'Neill agreed to tax cuts favored by Reagan, and in exchange Reagan agreed to budgets that did not restrain spending to his liking.

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